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Physical Therapy

We provide full service physical therapy treatments for all patients. Each comprehensive evaluation addresses mobility, strength, balance, posture, and movement patterns. Corrective and therapeutic exercises are tailored to progress each patient from recovery to performance. Our full gym includes free weights, machines to isolate specific muscles,aerobic equipment, and open space to perform body weight exercises that can be continued at home.

Our philosophy is simple. Disciplined and graded progressions of corrective exercises makes patients stronger, tissue healthier, and people happier. However, we also believe in breaking the pain cycle. We utilize an assortment of modalities and techniques to provide physical relief including electrical stimulation, kinesiotape, instrument assisted soft tissue manipulation, and manual therapy.

Functional Capacity Evaluation

An FCE is used to determine a client’s ability to perform job related tasks. This comprehensive exam provides objective data about functional activity. This data is useful for injured workers and medical professionals to determine the best plan of care. An FCE helps determine return to work status, rehabilitation needs, and disability.

Work Hardening

Work Hardening, also known as work conditioning, is a return to work exercise program. A PT will design and supervise an exercise program (up to 8 hours a day) that models occupational demands. This allows the client to progress workload and tolerance with supervision by a rehabilitation specialist. This service is vital to ensure safe return to demanding work tasks.

Located at 100 Dover St New Castle, DE 19720. Phone: (302)-656-1390